Promotion of the album “MAJKA” (MOTHER)

Promotion of the album "MAJKA" (MOTHER)

We are announcing our newest album MAJKA (MOTHER).

The huge album promotion will be held at 07.06.2022 in SKOPJE MERRIOT HOTEL starting at 8:00PM in the main event hall at the second floor.

It’s an open type of promotion and everyone that love and support our music can attend and enjoy in the mini concert interpretation of some of the songs from the album.

The album was preparing a long period under management of Nikola Micevski and is produced in XLstudio Momiroski.

There are nine (9) songs to the album. One is bonus track for the song “Ja izlezi Gjurgjo”, that is a duet with Vlatko Lozanoski.


You can buy the album MAJKA (MOTHER) only on the promotion and the number of copies is limited.

We are waiting for you!!!